The District has created an account on for clubs in the district to list their club meetings. We need a contact in each club to maintain the meeting listing and respond to people interested in attending your meeting. If your club would like it's meeting listed, a member of your club needs to:

  • Join (no cost)
  • Join the Toastmasters District 77 group at
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their account name and the club they will manage.

A administrator of the district group will add the meeting with a generic description and list that person as the Meetup organizer. The Meetup organizer can then update the details on the page. The organizer will get an email when someone RSVPs to attend the meeting.

To improve the appeal of your meeting listing, have members of your club join your club's Meetup and optionally RSVP. You can use to track whether members will attend a meeting or just as a way for guests to say them plan to attend.

If you are not familiar with, it is a site for organizations to publicize meetings. "Meetups", as they are called, are tagged with keywords that describe the event. members can use their location and keywords that interest them to find Meetups that may wish to attend. Having your club listed on the District's Meetup account is a good way to get visitors at no cost to your club.

To create an account for a club would cost $120/year. An account that can be used by all clubs in the district is only $180/year. Since a District account is much cheaper, there are a few disadvantages. Only administrators of the district account can create new Meetups. However, once created, a member can be designated to manage the Meetup listing. Also, although each Meetup lists it's location, there can only be one location for the District. That is Montgomery since it is in the middle of the District.

District 77 is now on Twitter, @Toastmasters77. Follow us at for news and updates.