Toastmasters offers a lot of opportunities and I like to say that I have taken advantage of all of them. I have enjoyed both the communication and the leadership track. I have competed in all the contests in which a member can compete and I have filled all the officer positions in a club. I have also served as a district leader as area director and as division director in two different opportunities. I have been conference chair and co-chair and I have presented at the district conferences. And I have been to the international conference which allowed me to see the true reach of toastmasters and its impact in the world.

The reason I do all these things is because I learn so much when I do them. Every opportunity to participate and serve in Toastmasters has a direct positive impact in my personal and professional life. And I truly believe that this is a great opportunity to do something positive for others. I joined the district team this year because I feel that there is a lot of potential untapped in our district. There is a lot of people out there who could benefit so much from what toastmasters can provide. We just have to bring toastmasters to them.

I also know that we have a lot of talent already in our district. There are so many experienced Toastmasters from which I have learned much during the years that are full of ideas to move our district forward. My plan is to build a strong team to bring toastmasters to those who need it the most. I want to ask you to help me in this task. If you ever wanted a chance to do something great for the benefit of those around you, your community and your world, Toastmasters can be a perfect vehicle to do that. Imagine what would happen if those with ideas had the resources and the confidence to express them and make them a reality. Imagine showing people that they can overcome their fears and aspire to be the best version of themselves they can imagine. This is what we can achieve through Toastmasters by offering to others the opportunity to explore and develop their leadership and communication skills.