Murder Mystery on Friday Night

Space travelers discover a killer in their midst...

The Nir Cantina on Federal Station Nine in the Axilon Nebula attracts a diverse crowd of space travelers, including mercenaries, traders, diplomats, scientists, and smugglers. While most of these folks want nothing more than to have a quick drink and a meal on their way from one end of the galaxy to the other, at least one of them has a more sinister purpose in mind. It will take the guests and employees of the Nir Cantina all of their wits and skills to piece together the confounding clues and determine the identity of the killer in their midst!

Sign up today for your role in the mystery!  Toastmaster Edgar Bork will be master of mystery and will be signing you up for the role.  Come out and have some fun.

Hotel Room Rates Extended

Hotel room rates have been extended to April 21st at the conference rate.  For more information, click the registration link below.

Conference Registration Continues

Conference registration continues through Friday, April 21.

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